Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ok whats wrong with this picture?

Hey how come the pet man gets yummies?


this is the picktur of the evil one. She is being spoilt. Mom, don't you know she's bad?

I HATE mom right now.

I HATE the box of doom.

I HATE the big machine.



Friday, October 20, 2006

Formaly Feral Friday

Here's my pictur. I don't have a big sad story like KC does so's I think she is more deservin' of the spot light. but anywho, I pretty much picked out my mom. Although i wasnt too happy with goin' home wiff her at first, it took me a coupld days to adjust. I was livin in a shrub, wiff lots of other other kitties and some of us played in old cars parked there. I was fury curious and came out to see if the strange lady (my mom) was gonna give us some food. Maybe some pasta or sumfin. Well, she grabbed me up right quick and all da cats scatteredback to thier hidy places. Thas muh story.

In the month i've been here, mom says I've eatten 7lbs of purrena kitten chow kibbles and five stinky goodness things, some skraps (I luv pasta!) some dog kibbles (heehee) an some tweets, i also stole dog tweets too.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Turd Thursday?

Mom says thats gross an I can't do a turd thursday on my blog. What a stick in the mud! Ok, so I'll just take a nap instead.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Bug Report

This just in.

I found a cricket in the litter room when I went to get a sock from the basket.
I cornered it by the bathtub and picked it up in my mouth. Tehn I took it to the living room and I furgot where I put it.

If anyone should happen to find it, notify me imedeatly, it's mine.

My first movie!

I can't figure out how to put the movie right in the post. so yous gonna haff to just click on the linky to it. Its a wittle dark, cause its my first movie an all, but it's me playing wiff the woof.¤t=PICT2085.flv

Sumfin Serious

Ok you alls, I need to discuss sumfin serious here. In the wee wee hours of the morning, like before the fevers even start chirping, my mom and the He wre actin' very goofy! They were wrastlin, and runnin' around and trhowin stuff at each ofur like pilliows and laughin. Sos I gots a little concerned and after they finially went to the bedroom to sleep, AND THEY CLOSED THE DOOR! I went on an investigashun.
I found some odd stuff....An empty box, and worst, I found this!!!
Catnip seeds.

I'm taggin' it as evidance. I fink my Mom is under the influence and the He is a very bad influnece. He might be her dealer, who knows? Anywho, I finks I need to set up an intervenshun, before the cops find out. My mom is a nip head!!! O, no! Whats am I going to do? I dont wanna haff to turn mom in :(.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh and when KC was sleeping....

I went and stole KC's Paw!
Shhhhhhh...Don't tell, she might not notice!

Here's me.

I'm cute. You can't deny it.

Where's the cat, episode 2

Reach in for a cold one, I dare ya!

The Nap

It's Tummy Tuesday!!!

And here is my tummy. I was putting the bity on mom!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Eye have a question! O, and a cunfession.

O, sometimes I's gets a little cunfused at times. Could someones please tell me whats a meezer?

ok, thats my question. I hopes someone can answer that fur me.

Now i have a cunfession. Its a big one. And no I's not in trouble. I'm an angel cat. Being that it is ferel cat day i want to cunfess somethings to my humans and my pets (but not to the evil Ghetto, I still hates her and I wont share anyfing with her! Not Never!) Ok, where was I?

Ok, here goes. Two more days from now I will have lived with you for a month. It has been an odd thing fur me, to go furm living in the mud, and the leaves and the weedy shrub wiff so many ofurs bein' always hungry and wet from rain and cold from wind and scared at night with the bad big car machines and the barkin woofs and the big mean cats and the....

Whats was I meowing about agian? O, right. The cunfession.

I've learned what toys are, an what a witter box is and what a water bowl is and that kitten food has racing fuel in it and that some woofs arnt too bad....

And I haf learned that humans arnt bad neither. I guess what I am trying to meow is that I wuv you. Will you be my mommy? I knows that I have been a brat sumtimes, an that I scratch you up a lot, but I can't remember my own mommy anymore, and you keep me warm and give me cuddles when I want it and fresh water and you scoop the witter, and that for the first time in my whole entire life I am happy an I haf sumthing to always purr about.

Come home'm waiting fer you to get home from work.

P.S. Pwease don't read the sappy part, that is fur the She only cause i's don't want you to see how sappy I am. Im a big mean strong takin' over the world kitten, K?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Its Time.

Time to make the bed.

Wake Up.

Wake up. Pet me.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ok this is fer Yuri cause I just now saw your post that you wanted to see the evil one.

P.s. Ghetto isnt really a headless freak, she is just a freak period. I dont know why blogger is cutting her head off. It wont load the picture right. anyone know why?
P.s again. If you click to biggify the headless freak you can see Ghetto whole.

Freya the lil cat chekin in

I's trying to report a lot but I made the bad bo-bo of swithcing to the beta thingy and I can't log on much. I wish i could put the bity on it but SHE doesnt like me chewing on the cords. How else is it going to learn though, if you don't put the bity on it?

Ok so's you prolly want an update.

I'm about 13 or 14 weeks now and I've grown a lot! course I eat a lot, too so maybe that has sumthin to do with it. I can no longer squeeze under the door in the bathroom, thats how much I have growed!

I like to play with the Woof a lot, but the woof is sick and might have cancer. Waiting on mews from the doktor. games we play together- hide n' attack, wrestle tail, run over the Woof, and sometimes the woof picks me up and carries me around just to get me all covered in icky slime!

Then one day the He accidently dripped a big blob of salad dressing on my head! Oh my goodies that was not too funny but the SHE laughed a lot! Even though that happened I am liking the He more these days. Sometimes I even sleep near him, but only cause he is extra warm! I think that is why the She sleeps next to the He also.

I have been keeping myself very busy too. Last week I dumped 2 houseplants over onto the car pet. I am going to make it my goal to dump every last one of them! It may take me a while tho, some of the plants are pretty big. Bigger then me even!

I"ve gots new toys too, a krinkle ball that I was afraid of first, and a teaser wand which I wasnt quite afraid of at first but didnt want to touch at all, but now I love them! But of all the fun things I get to put the bity one and chase, the best is diving into the old soda pop box. Looking for mice in the He's clodhoppers can be entertaining for a while also.

I am wondering why though, that the She yelled at me 3 times yesterday when all I did was leap on her back to grab her pony tail?