Saturday, December 30, 2006

O, efurthing is so exciting!

Hello efurbodys!

I haff lots o news-

First, mommy put together a new kind of litter box fur me. It's big and it has a door that only I can fit thru and not the woof. Mommy says its to give me more privacy and the man says its to keep all the rocks where it belongs. Mommy was real proud of me that I learned to go thru the little door myself right away. How cool is that? a little door just for me! Now if they would make a door like that to nonoyoucantgooutside, efurthing would be purrfect!

Then, last night som stranger was nonoyoucantgooutside, right under the bay window! I made lots of noices to let my mommy know that a bad cat was outside by hissing and yowling and beating against the window. Mommy went outside and chased the bad cat away. HISSSS!!!!!! Bad cat!

O, and I got to help catch loose crikets today aftur the man fed the lizards and snakes. The man had to put a new cover on one cage because I jumped on it and it broked. I wanst trying to get in, I promise!

O and the biggest news of all, is that I have a brofur! The man brought him home just a while ago. The man says he is a rescue. His name is snuggles and I fink he is a funny lookin' cat, but I haff to be nice anyway cause he is now my bofur. Anyway here is a piktur of the man holding my brofur.

I told you he was funny lookin'.

Monday, December 25, 2006


Santy claws was here, santy claws was here!!!!!

an I guess he is a nip head because guess what I gots? NIP!!!!!!! I gots nip and toys!

And me and my mommy have been practicin' my amizing new tallent of catchin' toys in mid air. Mommy says she wants to get it on video sos that we can shows ya all but I never cooperate that well when the camera is in hand. I like it when mommy tosses the toys into the air as I really like to jump. It's a fun game.

What didja all get fur cristmouse?

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmouse!!!

Hi Freya the cat here just wishing all you kitties out there a good one and hopefully you will get lots of new toys, lazer dots and bows to play wif. Me.....I luv my toys and stuff but I want to say that the best gift I could efur have recieved was already given to me this year because I found me a good home wiff a mom and the man and lots of friends and kibbles. So snuggle up lots this year wiff your families to let em know how fankful you all are. I may even let Mom pet me while I sit in her lap today wiffout biting her!

Freya, signing out.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Little babie kittens!!!!

Mooooooooommmmm!! LOOOOOK!!!! I was checkin furbody out this mornin and lookie! Kittens!!!!!! Sassy had kittens!!!!!!! Mommmmmmy can I keep em?
Mom? Can I have kittens toooo?
Mom: No Freya. You can't have any kittens.
But Mom!!!!!! I want kittens!
Mom: Look, a ball! (throws ball)
Hey thats not fair...Im not going to be so easily distracted...oh ok.....

Monday, December 18, 2006


*Wailing giant tears* MOOOOOMMMMMY!!!

Mommy why did you go away? *crying* was I a bad kittty?! are you mad at me????
your packs are not put away in the closet yet, are you leaving again??? *cries* mom never go away again, I promise to be a good kitty!!! *sniffs*
*purr purr purr* I promise to be real good! the sitters were nice an all but I want YOU mommy. I was real scared, thought you and the man were leaving me for good!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The mystery boxes

Mom keeps getting boxes of all sizes from NONOYOUCANTGOOUTSIDE.
It seems like they are arriving daily. Usually filled with guts. Mom usually takes the guts out and puts them under the toy tree, and then and only then are the boxes useful. This box, which arrived yesterday was filled with pointy stick guts, and when removed was finally sit ready.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hi efurbody!

My mommy has an important question about eating stuff. She got kinda mad at me too saying it could be bad fur me and all that but I think it tastes good. So can you tell my mom whether or not spider plants and african violets are bad for me? I just like to pick off the leaves of the violets cause they are fuzzy. Mom isn't amused by that but I have been eating the spider plant and have unpotted it too. She is such a worry wort sometimes. I feel fine and stuff!

thanks Freya, the super gardner mega cat

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hello and welcome to cat entertainment theater

Hello loyal servants, friends and worshipers. Today I would like to present a little slide show for your entertainment entitled "Cat Entertainment Theater" But before we begin, lets discus rules. There is only 1 rule.
Nobody but me gets to sit in the MY CHAIR. Got it?
Ok, Now we may begin. Enjoy. I think they slides speak for themselves.

I hope you have enjoyed today's presentation.....
Signing out, Freya the Goddess.