Friday, September 29, 2006

Cat Nip Tea Party

All Kitties are invited, but SHE won't let me go, She says I'm too young yet to partake in those kinda acktivities.....HISS!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Whats Update

Hellow loyal followers of my mighty and beaurtiful world takin' overing self!

Just thought I would say some update stuff. 1) I half been here over a week now and we feel like we have been together forever.
2) She didn't believe that the rats, particularly Ghetto, the evil one and my nemisis, is the one stealin' my toys and stuff! Well she found not one, but both her missin' garden gloves in thier hut, all chewed up and stuff, allong with some of my toys. Perhaps NOW she will listen to me!?
3) Sasha the Woof is no longer puking and not eatting. She has been feeding the woof carefully with boiled chick-chick (and I got some too!) and rice, yesterday morning the woof only barfed once.
4) We have a new feaver! Check it out.....Read the Lost Pigeon Saga
5) I am not very good at catching flies. There are about ten zillion in the house and I haven't cought 1. She say's it's my job to catch them. I laughed in her face and attacked her yarn stash instead.
6) I am however very good at helping She out with bills, as I scatter them off the desk and put the bitey on them when theyfall on the floor!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I swear She, I'm just trying to hold hands!

Nuthun sinister goin' on here.

Where's the Cat, episode 1

silly beans......

He: Hey, Where's the Cat?

She: I don't know, around somewhere.

He: Where?

She: Freya was just here a few minutes ago begging.

He: Well, lets find her.

Well Duh, I'm right here.....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tummy tuesday

Go on, touch it. I dare you.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Things I did today.

She says I am very naughty today, whatnever! I mean look at all that I have done today-- Not naughty at all!

1) I played bed monsters
2) I climbed the bedroom curtains
3) I made the red heat lamp fall off from the lizard cage by putting the bitey on the cord.
4)I jumped on she's head to get her up. My food dish was empty.
5) Begged and begged some more for Treats
6) I jumped up on the desk and stole my rabies tag. She looked all over for it and it was on my scratching/sitting/napping footstool.
7) Then I disappeared for a while by taking a nap under the sewing desk. I did not respond to calls.
8) I tried to put the bitey on a ferocious serpent.
9) I took another nap, again hiding.
10) I put the bitey on She's ankle.
11) I put the bitey on She's big toe.
12) Climbed up the brand new screen door that He and two He friends took 8 hours to figure out how to install. I wanted out.
13) I yowled and yowled. It wasn't fair! The woof and She were BOTH outside. I darted out a couple times.
14) I knocked over a plate.
15) I knocked over a beer.

Now I am just catching up on some sleep. I've got to recharge for later when I have to herd my She to bed so I can play bed monsters again.

Also, the woof may have to go to the doktor tomorrow if she doesn't quit barfing all over the place. The woof is not feeling good today. She had lots of stinky messes to scrub outta the carpet today. No food or water for woof for a while, that's what She said after calling the Doktor lady. I would put the bitey on She if she kept me from food and water! She says I eat like a horse, whatnever a horse is.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


House chore snooperviser-- Hey She! It's time to vacuum!

She says I'm all legs. You think that's true?

Oh, and thank yous for visitin' my She's blog. She feels much better today! Purr, purr, purr....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

We are very sad today

My poor She. Now that I have gotten to know the She a bit more, I am thinkin of her less as a servent and more as a very nice friend. The She took me to the kitty doktor today for some shots and yuccky medicine. The Vet was very nice though and says I weight 3.9 lbs!

Then we and the guesst we had last night went for a very long drive all nover the place. She says we drove all nover two counties to try and find our guesst a home where she won't be kilt. I called her grumpy cat cause she and I didn't get a long. I wanted to put up a picture of grumpy cat but She says it is too sad of a picture and she won't help me work the click box thingy. Hiss! Maybe when She isn't so sad I can show you the picture. I knew She was very sad on the long way home so I didn't meow too much but I meowed just a little to let her know I was with her.

She put the story here:

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Games

I discovered some new games.

Try these out at home. They are fun to play with your Its.

5 a.m. Pick your victim. Repeatedly over an over jump on it's back, shoulder, head with claws out. Do this until either they get up and give you crunches or lock you outta the room.

8 a.m. Run up and down the hall at a gazzillion miles per hour, especially if your It's are walking. Make sure to zip between their feets and see if they do not fall. This helps them practice their balancing' skills.

9 a.m. Snuggle time and Starring contest. Lay on She's chest and stair at it's eyes. When She catches on give her a minute of good starring but make sure to win the event by leaping at her face and making it blink!

These are just a few good games to occupy your Its if they are bored.

That is if they do not go to WORK all day and leave you alone. GRRRRRRRR.
I want my servants to come home right now as there is a corn-ado warning (what never that is?) I heard it on the radio they left on for me and the woof.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just pretend I have a super hero cape on in my foto, Ok?

I had a lot of adventures today! I am such a super brave kitty, as well as mean and scary. Oh and Cute. But me being cute goes without saying. Anyway, it all started about 4 in the morning. I was going to be nice and let the She and He sleep in to 6:30 today but something happened to disturb their napping. Bed Monsters! Now I don't know if you have ever had to fend off bed monsters but they are viscous and they will hurt your servants if you don't stay on your toes to bite and kill them dead. Sometimes you have to kick them too.
I saw it first outta the corner of my eye at the foot of the bed. The green soft blanket started moving. I had spent one whole tough day training the She, and I was not going to let anything set back my work. So I did what any good brave super kitty would do. I pounced with all my claws out and grabbed the first bed monster in my teeth real good! The she woke up with a loud "Ow!" So I knew there had to be more then one and maybe they were hurtin' her now. So I pounced on another, and wrestled it real good. I could feel it trying to escape. Finally, it went away and all was still and the She was laughing. She must of been extremely happy to have such a good mistress watching over her. I hope the bed monster didn't hurt She too much, she complained some later in the morning about all the scratches on her feet.

Later after 1st breakfast I wanted to go out so when the She went out to see what the neighbor was doing, I went out too. But when I turned back, the She had already gone inside and closed the door! It was very noisy outside and very scary! Perhaps the She had gotten scared and ran inside to hide, I don't blame her, only the bravest should ever go Out. And I'm brave but prolly not the bravest yet. So I hid under the stairs. After about eleventy gazillian seconds (that's a minute or two to the servants) The She kinda got real brave to and came back out. She said "Oh no! I hope the meatball didn't runaway!"
I Meowed "She I'm right hear! I'm not going to abandon you to the bed monsters, don't be scared!"
So she got down on the ground and helped me out from under the stairs. "there you are Freya!"
I gave her lots of purrs to make her feel safe and happy and we went back IN together.

So I know the She was kinda traumatized today, I thought I would be nice and not bother her while she showered so I wanted to get my own 2nd breakfast and not pester her. Well, the SHE was NOT pleased to find me in the kitchen trash can, even though I had very skillfully jumped in without knocking anything over. I was only trying to be considerate and you know what she did? She squirted me with water!!! That's why I was miffed earlier. I don't know what got into her, but I figured I would teach her a lesson by ignoring her for a while. The she is a very clingy creature that constantly needs my attention, so I withheld it as punishment. Maybe she will think twice next time.

Well, the She miss behaved again. The she had to Work today, so she put me in the bathroom with the door closed. "That should keep you out of trouble while I'm gone." She said.
"Gone!" I yelled. "I did not give you permission to be gone!" I yelled for it to let me out, but She ignored me. Good thing She's aren't very smart. I showed her by disappearing out of the bathroom lickety split! When she came to check up on me she had no idea where I was. I think She even got scared a little. Where could I, super kitty, be hiding? She looked everywhere. She found me napping in the bedroom. Ha! I bet she never figures out how I squeezed under the door! So, she gave up trying to imprison me and I have gained FULL access to the house.

I am so clever.



So I'm just going to sulk. That'll teach em. Later, I'll kick sand all over the floor and chew up all thier shoe laces. I love revenge.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What I learned today---

Killing the woof, one part at a time.....Die tail, Die!

1) Screaming at 6 in the morning over and over gets the She servant up and I get T-U-N-A and Shrimp yummies. The He just closes the door and goes back to sleep. Obviously it needs more training.

2) The she doesn't like me to poo-poo on the carpet. I get treats when I wee-wee in the box. I will have to use this to my advantage....

3) The woof is a wuss and a pushover. I take her crunches and her woof c-o-o-k-I-e-s away and she doesn't put up a fight. In fact I took over her whole woof food bowl and sat in it! HA! Take that you Woof! (I must of gotten scarier over night)

4)I like alfredo noodles but the She doesn't like me to jump into her plate on the counter.

5) If I wedge myself between the back of the computer chair and the She's back, with claws extended, I can get it's attention very fast! (Any nother kittens out there should take note of this)

6)servants are harder to kill then wrigglers. I tried my best to suffocate the She but I was not successful.

Edit: Please don't tell my servents this but I'm a little sad today. I miss all my brothers and sisters. I wonder if they also found warm lairs with T-U-N-A. I heard it was cold outside last night. It can get very cold when you are hungry living in a shrub. The She may be just a servent, but she is good for snuggles at least. Maybe I won't suffocate her tonight after all.

The Chirp Chirps

Thats right, fatten up you chirp-chirps!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Meow! Welcome to my lair.

Taking over the world, Day 1.

Hurrah! My plan was a success. Mom was right---humans ARE so easy. A little purring, a tail flick, a pathetic look at how innocent, cold and hungry plea, and wham! Step number one of my plan to take over the world is now checked off on my list. I have successfully wormed my way into a human home where soon, I will have my first two servants brainwashed and at my beck and call while I set up my center of operations.

I have lucked out for the most part. I have caged dinner in the living room, If I could figure out how to get into that cage with the oversized chirp-chirps, a ready supply of what appears to be t-u-n-a in some kind of sauce that is pretty good, and plenty of places to catch up on my beauty sleep (after all, my beauty sleep is important. My slaves need to know how beautiful I am.) However, there is one problem. There is a woof who resides here. Mom always said that though woofs are dumb, that they are mean and are always trying to rebel against the rightful rulers of the earth, felines. I will have to take care of this woof with any means possible. I tried hissing and growling and the woof stared at me dumbly and went back to chewing on it's dead hedgehog. Dumb woof, doesn't it know that it's dead? Its no fun to play with something already dead for crying out loud!

wait....Is that...a string.....?

until next time......