Friday, September 22, 2006

The Games

I discovered some new games.

Try these out at home. They are fun to play with your Its.

5 a.m. Pick your victim. Repeatedly over an over jump on it's back, shoulder, head with claws out. Do this until either they get up and give you crunches or lock you outta the room.

8 a.m. Run up and down the hall at a gazzillion miles per hour, especially if your It's are walking. Make sure to zip between their feets and see if they do not fall. This helps them practice their balancing' skills.

9 a.m. Snuggle time and Starring contest. Lay on She's chest and stair at it's eyes. When She catches on give her a minute of good starring but make sure to win the event by leaping at her face and making it blink!

These are just a few good games to occupy your Its if they are bored.

That is if they do not go to WORK all day and leave you alone. GRRRRRRRR.
I want my servants to come home right now as there is a corn-ado warning (what never that is?) I heard it on the radio they left on for me and the woof.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

well, it sounds like you got havin a good time down just rite - excellent work!

Wm. said...

Eeek! Do you have a basement you can hide in?

alohahelper said...

Those are gud games to learn. Fanks for visiting our blog. Yu DO look like Tiger but since we're on an eye-land in the middle of the o-shun, I don't fink yur related.

Pumpkin & Tiger

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi, Lil One! I'm Victor an I've been wif my beans almost 1 year. They were trained by 3 ofur cats afore me, includin Bonnie who is still werkin on them wif me. I hope yu'll come see our blog afur the corn-ado warnin is ofur.

The Meezers said...

those are all really fun games!

Ariel said...

Sounds like fun games.As for the
corn-ado be careful and hide.stay