Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sasha Here

Mom, I know you don't believe me but I was framed. It was the cat. She was the one the tore the big hole in you bag of dirt and got dirt all over the living room. Even though you saw my paw prints, it wasnt me! Ahem....

Well really I need to report on the snow, as Freya is way to busy hiding in a paper bag right now to blog, I thought I would get on and plead my case and give the weather report.

We gots lots of fluffy white snow today and it's fun to romp in! Too bad the cat is missing out.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Freya: Fank Goodness I'm Feline Friday

I fink I will tell you the people words I know as I am a smart lil cat and I gots a good vocabulary.

1) Who wants Treats? (Me and the woof an my brufer knows this one)
2) Food
3) Want some water? (Me and the woof knows this)
4) Tuna (I loves this, I gets the water)
5) Freya (hehe hehe thats my name!)
7) Freya?
8) Freya NO!
9) Game (Mommy says this when she is going to play the lazer dot game)
10) Want to go outside? (I jump in moms arms and lets her hold me without struggle cause this means she will walk me outside)
11)No toys In the bedroom! (Hehehe I knows what it means but I still brings them in efury night)
12) Go Potty---(Usually folloed by Good Kitty!)
13) Lets go to bed Freya-- (I usually says this to mommy if she is late going to bed)
14) Go get your toys, Freya
(Mommy says this when she wants to play catch wiff me. The woof knows this one too)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

This is Freya...

I haff to make sum changes to the blog today, mommy says socause the ofurs are gettin jeolous. I haff to let my furend the woof post and my brofur Snuggles, Ghetto the evil one all wanna post so's I haff to add them as contributors.

Speaking of Jeolous ya'll know how mad I gets when the woof gets to go outside, well mommy let me touch snow this morning! :) She carried me outside and set me down a moment and I put my paw in the snow. She then took me back in. I like snow!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mommy Said...

No toys in the bedroom, so's I put them all in her shoe! He he he he. Oh, I put one in the closset too and I put one in the bedroom too just for good measure. Mommy says I was a busy kitty last night.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Sasha update! And Formally Ferel Friday

Hi freya here. Mommy says Sasha seems to be doin' better. All your purrs and prayers must be helping! She may be coming home tomorrow. I can't wait. I'm gonna wrastle her up reel good when she gets here!

Mom wanted to do a formally ferel friday today wiff a cat who came before so she gave me a pikture to use and told me the story of Munchkin. (thats him below) He's been dead a long time btw.

This is Munchkin. Mommy didn't know him a long time although mommy says this is her favorite cat of all time (I put the bitey on her for saying that) He was a ferel a llllllong time ago before mommy had come to know him. I guess her step-dad founded him in a dumpster as a kitten. Who would put a kitten in a dumpster? Anyway this was a long time before mommy even know her step-daddy. When mommys mommy married her step dad they came to live with him. He had 3 cats. Munchkin was the youngest one at 15 years old. Anyway mommy and munchkin were best furends right away. They stuck togefur like glue. When mommy was sick he would never leaf her side. When mommy broked her back, he stayed and watched even though he was scared when the paramedics came and guarded ofur her. He loved to sleep under the covers by mommy's legs and would tickle her all night wiff his whiskers and wet nose. He snored too. I guess when you get old you tend to snore a lot. And he rumbled when he purred, always purring. Mommy calls him the angel cat. Anyway about 5 years later he was curled on her bed and he wouldn't move. He was still breafin and all but he jsut wouldnt wake up or move. Mommy got real scared and they took him to the doktor. They made mommy wait out in the car and came back wiffout munchkin. they told her he had been put to sleep, and that he was gone now. Mommy hated them for a while and she really missed munchin a lot and would dream about him for years. Mommy still misses him sumtimes.

Anyway, thats Munchin's story...a cat that came before.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mommy am I a cannibal?

Mommy. I fink i am a cannibal. I just wanna eat them. I know it's wrong to eat kittens but.....I haff this urge....

Thursday Thirteen Freya Style

Hellos A quick word about my best furend first---mom hasnt called the vet yet but at 8 she can. I wish it were 8 right now.

mine thursday thirteen

  1. I stick my tounge out a wittle when I am really happy
  2. I hate baths but I love turning over the woof's water dish and getting water all ofur the kitchen floor. I do this eferyday, once at least.
  3. I drink water wiff my paws.
  4. Usually I won't let anyone pet me without a sacrifice of blood. Of course I am nice sometimes too and get into sweet mode. But I ain't no pansy lay around cat!
  5. I like to make mommy's bed time an adventure by racing to the bed first and putting the bitey and claws to anything that attemps to get on the bed, especially mommy. This makes me purr.
  6. I like to eat spider plants but ignore the cat grass.
  7. My favorite toy right now is a sparkly puff ball.
  8. I haff some pink paw pads and some black paw pads
  9. My favorite spots to sleep are wiff the woof my best furend, on top of the couch, the my chair, and wiff mommy.
  10. I like to attack afghans that are on the couch. I will dive under them and mess them all up so the man has to keep fixing them. Same fing with couch pillows.
  11. I am fury good at catching crickets but not so good at catching flies and moths.
  12. I get mad when the woof gets to go out and I am not allowed. It is the only time I want to go out and I will yowl and yowl and claw the doors and windows to go out wiff my best furend. I even stomp my feets having a tempter tantrum----efury time the woof goes out.
  13. I like to talk a lot. Mom talks to me and I tell her about my day. She says I'm a talker. I tell her efurthing!
  14. And one more just fur kicks---- tuna water, ham and chick chick is purrty good but I love pasta more then anyfing!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is me Freya, Attack Tabby on Duty

hellos this is me freyas. While the woof my best friend is outta commision fur a bit I haff decided to take ofur the guarding and attacking responispilities. I will patrol tha windows and keep a sharp lookout fur moths and any intruders.
An if that don't scare them offs, I will bring out my massive claws of death! Mommy was scared to take my picture and good thing too becuase she got good and close and I swatted her good!
Just because they look soft and innocent............doesn't mean they are! Again, they are mass destruction when employed!
And then I haff my kickers. I am good with theese too. Mom was riskin her life to get this close when I am in attack tabby mode.

Don't say you haven't been warned!
O and mommy has an important brofur question! She hasnt efur had buns beefore (I guess thats what they call cats with big ears these days) and she wants to know if boy buns need to be fixed (whatnever that means) also mommy got him a litter pan and is trying to teach him to use the litter box (I guess Snuggles is not as smart as me as I learned the first time) all he wants to do is sleep in it or turn it over and play wiff it. Also he likes to turn ofur his food dish. Mommy wants to know how to train my brofur so that he doesnt leave turds all ofur the house when he is out playing. Fanks if you haff any suggestions.

A very serious post....

This is Freya's Mom here....

for any of you praying folks out there, please send good thoughts for Sasha the dog. Last night we thought she was dieing. She is very sick. She is the best dog anyone could ever hope to have met. We will keep you updated as we hear anything.

And pray for Freya as well, as Sasha trully is the love of her life. They adore each other and I am worried Sashas absence is affecting her.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My brofur playing

Me and my brofur and my best furend the woof playing. We get along purrty good.
My brofur chassed me up the couch and onto mommy's project.

Here is my brofur playing with the woof.

Mommoy has a hard time getting pictures cause he's always running all ovefur the place!

BTW, mommy says that tomorrow is bath day fur evfurbody, even the cat!!!!
I don't think I like the sound of that! :(

Tabby Tuesday

Not tummy tuesday!!! I will NOT show off my tummy :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Mommy is sick!

Mommy had to go to the doktor last night because she was vury sick but she is at home now and I am making her stay still by sitting on her lots today.

I am doing this by sleeping on her feets. This should make her feel better soon.

Also, an up date on sassy's kittens. They haff opened thier eyes and are roaming around a little bit now. All 12 of them, they are so cute! here is one mommy took out to take a picture of.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello efurbody! more on my new brofur.

Sorry I couldn't make the party, but things were really busy here......I was called on duty as bug catcher.....I hope I get paid time and a half catnip holiday pay! Anywho I was askin my best furend what she thought about my brofur,

And she didn't say much, she was like, "Well it's just another cat Freya" The woof, MY fruend, was even cought playing NICE with my brofur. NO NO bad woof! You pay attention only TO ME!

To make matters worse, mommy, MY MOMMY FIRST! has been spoiling my brufer. SEE? Look at all the toys.
Someone aught to bat and bite those frootbat ears of his.

Mommy, can't you see he is jsut using you? Do you fink he would faithfully protect you from bed monsters and crickets?

What kinda cat freaking eats veggies anyway? BLEH! Even the woof won't touch that stuff.