Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Freya Style

Hellos A quick word about my best furend first---mom hasnt called the vet yet but at 8 she can. I wish it were 8 right now.

mine thursday thirteen

  1. I stick my tounge out a wittle when I am really happy
  2. I hate baths but I love turning over the woof's water dish and getting water all ofur the kitchen floor. I do this eferyday, once at least.
  3. I drink water wiff my paws.
  4. Usually I won't let anyone pet me without a sacrifice of blood. Of course I am nice sometimes too and get into sweet mode. But I ain't no pansy lay around cat!
  5. I like to make mommy's bed time an adventure by racing to the bed first and putting the bitey and claws to anything that attemps to get on the bed, especially mommy. This makes me purr.
  6. I like to eat spider plants but ignore the cat grass.
  7. My favorite toy right now is a sparkly puff ball.
  8. I haff some pink paw pads and some black paw pads
  9. My favorite spots to sleep are wiff the woof my best furend, on top of the couch, the my chair, and wiff mommy.
  10. I like to attack afghans that are on the couch. I will dive under them and mess them all up so the man has to keep fixing them. Same fing with couch pillows.
  11. I am fury good at catching crickets but not so good at catching flies and moths.
  12. I get mad when the woof gets to go out and I am not allowed. It is the only time I want to go out and I will yowl and yowl and claw the doors and windows to go out wiff my best furend. I even stomp my feets having a tempter tantrum----efury time the woof goes out.
  13. I like to talk a lot. Mom talks to me and I tell her about my day. She says I'm a talker. I tell her efurthing!
  14. And one more just fur kicks---- tuna water, ham and chick chick is purrty good but I love pasta more then anyfing!


Daisy said...

Hi Freya, I am very glad to meet you. That is a very good list!

Dragonheart said...

Great list! Nice to learn more about you Freya. But you won't let anyone pet you without a blood sacrifice? Oh my! I LOVE being pet. It's one of my favourite things.

Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

Ha, ha, I like #12, especially stomping your feets. Maybe you should get a harness, so you can go outside with your woofie friend.

BTW, we hope your woofie friend is doing OK. Any news?

GirlGoneGardening said...

mommy tried the harness, again...blood sacrifice. I do however let mommy pick me up and she carries me outside and I am fury good and that satisfies me so I can watch the woof outside.

2Bs they haff to put a tube in my best furend so she can breath and so they can drain the swelling in her throat.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh my, a tube so da woofie can breef. Dat duzent sound fun at all, we'll say a purrayer dat she gets betturer soon. It's good to lern more 'bout yoo. Zippy's bestest frend wuz a big, fluffy kitty dat gots cancur and dide. Dat kitties bestest frend afore Zippy wuz a liddul 6 pound doggie dat lived to be 15 yers old. Effury body needs a best frend, doncha fink?

sugarsandsalts said...

You had adorable pets.